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Welcome to ZumbaFunFit

Fall Session 2017

Get ready to kick-off our 2017 fall Zumba lineup with a FREE class and fundraiser on Wednesday September 13th 2017 at 7pm! Our fundraisers are designed for all levels of fitness and are guaranteed to be a blast!

We are also launching  a new Fall Zumba program on Wednesdays perfect for drop-ins and regular Zumba enthusiasts!

Louise, Trina and Team.


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New to Zumba® ?

If you’re looking for fun classes, friendly people, a place to feel like you fit in and can't wait to come back to, this is the place for you! We’re a diverse community of "real" women (and an occasional man!) who enjoy spending their well-deserved me time dancing, sweating, laughing and remembering that who we are on the inside is what really counts.

Never taken a dance fitness class before? Haven't worked out in a while? No worries. We welcome beginners and every class is a judgement-free zone -- that means no judging yourself, either! If you’re ready to stress less and dance more, why not start today. We can’t wait to meet you! .

It takes 2-3 classes to be comfortable when starting.

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Call 613-253-1746 or email Louise to get started now!


Tried Zumba® before?

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    Founder Louise Parry (left) & Trina Parry
    Welcome to ZumbaFunFit, founded in 2008. Join with us to get fit with fun and Zumba®.

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    CP Arena Upper Hall

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    Toning with Zumba® Toning Sticks

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    Stage helps to see instructors

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    Instructors team teaching !

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    Dance Styles Latin as well as Bollywood and Belly dance!

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    Fund Raiser Fun: ZumbaFunFit Cancer Research Fund Raiser.

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    Gals of Halloween

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    Gold Zumba® Lower intensity but lots of fun moves.


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Updates:August 17th, 2017 19:00

Our New Fall Zumba Program!

This is a brand-new 14 week program designed for beginners as well as regular Zumba enthusiasts.  If you’re looking for extra training on the basics of Zumba choreography or up for some advanced Zumba moves then this program is definitely for you!  Every Wednesday we’re working in an extra 8 min of training time beginning a few minutes before class starts. Master the basics and learn advanced moves in Zumba. Get tips on proper form and engaging your core.  We also take our extra Zumba specialities (Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao, Strong by Zumba etc.) and bring in a few of those specialty inspired songs throughout the program along with different themes each week.

What you will get out of the Fall Zumba Program

You will gain confidence in your Zumba moves, tone, strengthen, and get fit, all while having fun!

Enjoy different Zumba specialities, themes, trainings and tips each week.

You can tailor your workout with our team of instructors who demonstrate options of lower and higher intensity, basic and more advanced moves to suit your abilities.

Join a group of like-minded ladies who like to move to the music in a judgement-free zone!

Fall 2017 marks the first time we are running this new style of Zumba program, so sign up or get more information by contacting us!



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